Texas Music Project | 3 Tips to Help You Rock Your Performances!
TMP has supported music Education in Texas schools since 2003. Our primary mission, is to develop and produce music education programs.
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3 Tips to Help You Rock Your Performances!

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Michael Clay, Co-founder and Executive Director of TMP, shares his three tips to help you rock a performance!

  1. Two fast. One Slow. Go with the old school way of how you pace your sets. Two long songs then one slow song.
  2. Read what works. It’s a good idea to learn a few of the top songs in each era. You can’t go wrong with a Beatles song unless you do it badly! (See #4)
  3. Add Personality. Your page doesn’t just have to be about your music. Make sure you are sharing personal posts to get your fans to know more about you. This will give them some behind the insights that will make them fall in love with your music even more.
  4. “Stand Despite the Band” Songs. The failsafe is to know songs that “stand despite the band”. In other words, know songs that people know and can sing along or tap their feet to.

What tips would you share to other performers?