Texas Music Project | Past Advisors
TMP has supported music Education in Texas schools since 2003. Our primary mission, is to develop and produce music education programs.
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Past Advisors

We want to give a big Texas shout out to the advisors who supported Texas Music Project over our first 10 years. Without the dedication of these fine Texans, Texas Music Project would not have been able to have the success or provide the support to Texas schools and students.

  • Willie Nelson, Honorary Chairman
  • John Paul Batiste – Advisor / Founding Board Member
  • Bruce Orr, Co-Founder
  • James Clarke, Executive Director, Texas Coalition for Quality Arts Education
  • Abraham Quintanilla, CEO, Q-Productions
  • Carlyne Majer, founding Executive Director of the Texas Chapter of the Grammys
  • Terry Lickona, Executive Producer, Austin City Limits
  • Michelle Shocked, singer/songwriter
  • Wesley Porter, President, Creativefire design studio
  • Lloyd Maines, Musician/Producer
  • Abby Goldstein, Program Director, KERA radio, North Texas
  • Rachel Capote, Houston Attorney
  • Ray Benson, leader of Asleep at the Wheel
  • Paul Middleton, Owner/Producer, Palmyra
  • Al Staehely, Houston Attorney
  • Bill Everitt, CEO Brook Mays Music Company
  • Mary Jane Nalley, Co-owner, Gruene Hall, Texas’ Oldest Dance Hall
  • Helen Molloy, Associate Director, Bear Stearns
  • Robert Gentry, New Masters Production
  • Bob Rosenthal, Piano Gallery
  • Lisanne Glew, UBS Financial Services, Inc.
  • Bob Shaw, founder, Scholastic Shades