Texas Music Project | Chelsea Pilgrim Live at The TMP Love Field Stage
TMP has supported music Education in Texas schools since 2003. Our primary mission, is to develop and produce music education programs.
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Chelsea Pilgrim Live at The TMP Love Field Stage

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Chelsea Pilgrim recently played live at the TMP Love Field Stage! Chelsea has had a passion for music from an early age. Her musical pursuit continues through her practice of bass guitar, keyboard, ukulele, and acoustic guitar. Chelsea’s desire is to share her love of music through Christian song writing, worship leading, and teaching. She’s currently a private lesson instructor in McKinney, TX. Where she teaches, acoustic guitar, piano, voice, and ukulele. She also is the full time worship leader at her home church.

We asked Chelsea a few questions about herself and how she connected with us at Texas music Project!


  • How did you get connected with the Texas Music Project?


After working at the Guitar Sanctuary for two years my manager, Shane Frame, was able to connect myself and some other talented young artists with Michael Clay and the Texas Music Project.


  • What has your experience been with the Texas Music Project?


Every experience has been so special and has provided unique milestones in my musical career.


  • What was it like performing at the TMP Love Field Stage?


Performing at Love Field was actually quite surreal because the experience was extremely smooth (largely due to the sound engineer) and the performance was more than enjoyable. It was different being able to sing at a venue that provided foot traffic that was so diverse and abundant. The opportunity to greet people from far and wide or even just simply welcoming people home gave me such joy and really helped me get in the groove of delivering my best.


  • What is your favorite part about music?


Music can be found everywhere. The earth has rhythm, unique sounds, different volumes, and dynamics. Weather even creates a symphony of sounds and just like music, can express a plethora of emotions. Whether I’m feeling happy, sad, excited, or even frustrated music is my natural therapy or the medium in which I easily find my creative outlet.


  • When you aren’t playing music, what do you do for fun?


While music defines my passion and career. I define myself as “World’s Greatest Aunt”; I love spending time with my 7 nieces and 2 nephews! They bring the greatest joy and I cherish the memories and adventures we have together.


You can find when Chelsea and other TMP artists are performing at Love Field Stage here – http://www.lovefieldartprogram.com/performing-arts/