Texas Music Project | Make a difference in our School this month through Music
TMP has supported music Education in Texas schools since 2003. Our primary mission, is to develop and produce music education programs.
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Make a difference in our School this month through Music

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March is National Music in Our Schools Month, and for some of us it’s a reminder of the programs that sparked our passion for music and changed the course of our lives forever. But the continued lack of financial support for music programs in schools risks that same opportunity for the next generations. Music in Our Schools Month began in New York in 1975 and has brought attention over the decades to the need of continued high quality musical programs in our schools. It’s important to do whatever we can to provide awareness of the essential role that music plays in our children’s lives.


Our mission at the Texas Music Project is to support the importance of music education in Texas and to be a resource for students, schools and communities. Funding music programs is essential for the future of the children in these schools, and unfortunately instruments to keep those programs running aren’t cheap. So we’ve decided to give you some inspiration on how you can truly impact the future of the industry.


Pass on the Passion

The best thing you can do when it comes to making a difference with this cause is to raise awareness by word of mouth. Is music important to you? Talk about this issue with the people in your life and address the problem of financial neglect in schools today. With social media at its peak popularity, write a post about how music has affected your life. If you had a great music program at your disposal growing up, talk about the importance that it played in your life and why it’s essential for kids growing up to have the same opportunities in their schools.


Donate or Sponsor an Instrument

At Texas Music Project, we run multiple programs that aim to provide children in need with instruments to keep their musical spirit alive. We have a partnership with the Texas Children Hospital in Houston, Texas that brings instruments, performances, and music lessons children with life threatening illnesses. We support to our military children and families with our Snowball Express, bringing the healing power of music into their lives. Our Music Therapy Program provides instruments, features seminars, hands-on training and live performances to change the lives disadvantaged kids. Music is powerful, and can make a difference for children. Donate whatever you can to these causes to ensure that children are given the opportunity to express themselves through music.


Wondering exactly how your donation will be utilized, or how you can make a meaningful impact? Check out the list below for some inspiration!


  • Have you ever had the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or “I’m Yours” stuck in your head on repeat? The catchy sound of the ukulele could be the cause. A $250 donation to Texas Music Project provides a ukulele for a child in need. And who knows? You may just influence the next breakthrough artist like Grace VanderWaal!
  • We have all rocked out Billy Joel’s hit songs. But before he was famous, the Piano Man had to start somewhere. If piano is your passion, a $250-400 donation sponsors an electric piano for a child.


  • Love the sound of the acoustic guitar in “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s or “Blackbird” by the Beatles? Help a student learn these songs on their very own acoustic guitar with a donation of $400. Who knows what new ballad you’ll inspire!


  • If rhythm is more your thing, check out some of the Legends of the Drumset to get you inspired. One of our students could be the next percussion legend! From Rolling Stone magazine’s top drummer of all time, John Bonham, to contemporary star Travis Barker, there’s no shortage of role models that can help children realize their own beats.


Host a Fundraiser

If music education is a cause that speaks to you, think about hosting an event to raise money for Texas Music Project. Although there’s a lot that goes into hosting an event, it doesn’t have to be scary. Check out this list of fundraising ideas to get the wheels turning, or read below for inspiration on how to add a musical twist to your event! Then, Register your event online to help it reach the wider community.


  • Organize an instrument drive where people can donate instruments they no longer need
  • Have your local schools participate in a battle of the bands or host a sing-along
  • Ask local musicians to donate their time and give lessons at an event where people can pay to learn the basics


You can make a difference by raising awareness and money for a great cause. Our goal of $50K will allow us to provide hundreds of children with the instruments they need to explore their curiosity and passion for music. Music can do wonders in a child’s life, and you never know what impact you might have. So please think of Texas Music Project when you’re celebrating Music In Our Schools Month!