Texas Music Project | Russ Hewitt Tips for Beginner Musicians
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Russ Hewitt Tips for Beginner Musicians

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Russ Hewitt has made quite a name for himself in the music world, weaving intricate, fleet-fingered flamenco guitar melodies on his jazz and Latin-influenced recordings. Following the release of last year’s award winning ‘Cielo Nocturno,’ Russ has stayed busy playing show after show and contributing music to multiple soundtracks, but he was happy to share some of his favorite tips for beginner musicians with us at the Texas Music Project:


  1. Play live and in public as much as possible. There are things that can only be learned after playing live multiple times, so there’s no amount of practice in your bedroom or rehearsal room that can substitute for it. After playing live it will be evident what you need to work on and tweak.
  2. Practice how you would play live. For example: if you practice sitting down but plan to stand and move around when you play live, that kind of change is very dramatic and difficult if it’s not rehearsed that way.  Another example is if you practice with no amp or low volume but plan to be loud during a performance; that too has to be practiced.
  3. Visualize playing and performing.The mental side of playing is always as important as the physical side.