Texas Music Project | Sela Hack- Star for State Fair of Texas
TMP has supported music Education in Texas schools since 2003. Our primary mission, is to develop and produce music education programs.
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Sela Hack- Star for State Fair of Texas

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Sela, who is from San Antonio Texas, has been singing since she was 3 years old and now
she will be the MC of the State Fair of Texas.

She did not have any formal vocal lessons until the age of 12. She formed a band with her 3 brothers in 2013 and started to play festivals and gigs in the San Antonio, Texas area. She entered into the Kidd Kraddick “Big Break” contest in 2014 and became one of 8 semifinalists. Sela then began her training at the Septien Entertainment Group located in Dallas, Texas. Shortly thereafter she was asked to audition by Linda Septien to be a backup dancer and singer for Kidz Bop.


She auditioned in 2016 and was given a position in 2016 as a main Kidz Bop Kid and is currently touring the US under the current Kidz Bop “Life of the Party Tour”. Sela has also danced since the age of 4 years and is an accomplished hip hop dancer. In December of 2014 a casting director from NBC’s “The Voice” contacted Sela after finding her on youtube and invited Sela to audition for the show but Sela declined because she was too young. Sela is currently an ambassador for the Texas Music Project. TMP is a non-profit organization that supports music education and opportunities for disadvantaged youth.


Overall Sela has received a strong response and is developing a strong fan base. In just two years she has gone from singing at her recital to singing in front of thousands.