Texas Music Project | Slide Guitar Tips from Matt Tedder
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Slide Guitar Tips from Matt Tedder

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Ever since he impressed Pharrell Williams on season 10 of The Voice, Matt Tedder has been making waves in the music world. In addition to lending his greasy slide guitar riffs to session recordings and solo gigs around Texas and Nashville, Matt has also been busy touring Europe with his three-piece band in support of his debut CD California Mercy Me. A longtime supporter of the Texas Music Project, the Fort Worth native was happy to share some of his tips for slide guitarists below.


  1. Open tunings are great for slide players. Open tunings allow you to play chords much more easily. Open D and open G are good ones to start with.
  2. …But don’t ignore standard tunings. However, you’ll definitely want to work with standard tuning as well. When playing live it takes too much time to re-tune in between songs, so make sure you’re comfortable with both.
  3. Work on your vibrato. Vibrato is very important to the sound of your notes since it helps the pitch, so be sure to practice it.
  4. Repeat your licks both with your fingers and your slide. This helps you get use to the positions of the notes on the fret board. Start by fretting the notes with your fingers first, then try it with the slide, and then repeat.