Texas Music Project | Maren Morris- Texas Music Project Honorary Chairman
Maren Morris is the new Honorary Chairman for Texas Music Project. TMP is a non-profit organization that supports music education. Find out how you can be part of making an impact. We support music.
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Maren Morris

2017 Grammy Winner Maren Morris named Texas Music Project’s Honorary Chairman

(November 2017)


Success stories are always nice to hear about, especially when they’re homegrown. Texas Music Project is proud to call one of their own an Honorary Chairman. Maren Morris, recent Grammy winner at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, is a native of Arlington, Texas and Texas Music Project alumni.


Maren’s Grammy stage debut performance was nothing short of spectacular – a rendition of her song “Once” alongside multi-Grammy Award-winning singer/ songwriter Alicia Keys. Maren shared nominations with such country music stars as Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Brandy Clark.


We’re honored to have her as our Honorary Chairman – her accomplishments speak for themselves. Maren won Best Country Solo Performance for “My Church” and was also nominated for Best New Artist, Best Country Song and Best Country Album (Hero). TMP is always happy to hear from our family of alumni and Maren’s rise in the country-music scene is no surprise. Eleven years ago, Maren stepped into our writing camp and the rest, as they say, is history. Arlington, Texas has a new famous face they can call their own. We welcome Maren as our new Honorary Chairman and can’t wait to see what great work she does for not only Texas Music Project, but music itself.


Making music dreams come true is what we at TMP are all about, and Maren’s story is just another in a long line of continued music education success stories. We can’t wait to see what more music Maren brings us and the help she can bring in spreading the word on saving the arts in Texas.


About Texas Music Project


For over 14 years, Texas Music Project has been supporting music education in our Texas schools. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Texas Music Project’s primary mission is simple: encourage, promote, produce, and advance music education programs. Michael Clay, Executive Director and Co-Founder, leads a seven-person Board of Directors panel full of big dreams and musical ambition. Students, schools and the community deserve the best music education has to offer, which is why TMP partners with a select network of music industry professionals. Lack of funding for the arts, specifically music education, has been a challenge, but TMP has come to the rescue. Educational programs and performance opportunities await young artists who would not otherwise have access to these experiences.


Music is powerful, and it’s capable of connecting, inspiring and healing. We create educational, instructional and informational programs for disadvantaged groups. We inspire people to follow their dreams through music, and we’re proud to be a part of that dream.


Please help us now to fund a music program on 12/12/17 for families of fallen soldiers held in Dallas, Texas. You can donate at texasmusicproject.org.


For more information, visit texasmusicproject.org and LIKE us on Facebook!


TMP Press Contact:

Adam Ziegler

P: 214-578-4767
E: adamtziegler@gmail.com