Monte Montgomery to dazzle Music Series on Friday, May 17

Rare indeed are the opportunities when the Lakeside Music Series can present a performer who Carlos Santana called “one of the most gifted guitarists I’ve ever seen. His playing is almost supernatural.”

But on Friday, May 17 at 7:30 pm, the Lakeside Music Series brings Monte Montgomery to Lakeside in a special event benefiting the Texas Music Project.

Accolades like Santana’s could fill a book. “Monte Montgomery is an artist who has to be seen and heard to be believed,” wrote Texas Music Magazine. “His guitar playing is mesmerizing, and his songwriting is brilliant. He’s an incredible performer with a flair for making a connection with his audience that is both profound and lasting.”

Guitar Player Magazine named Montgomery one of the “Top 50 All-Time Greatest Guitar Players.”

Montgomery’s big break came on Austin City Limits in 1999. Ever since that dazzling performance, Montgomery has continued to impress and amaze audiences with his playing, singing, and songwriting.

“Montgomery’s playing blends Lindsey Buckingham, Mark Knopfler, and Stevie Ray Vaughan,” wrote Gordon Kieth in the Dallas Observer in 1999, “into a handsome cocktail of jaw-dropping wizardry that leaves everyone exhausted by last call. It’s damned fun to watch the faces of those Monte virgins when his first solo breaks the maidenhead. Trust me. He will wow you.”

Not much has changed, except for a few gray hairs.

“He does all of this on one single old beat-up acoustic guitar,” added
Kieth, now known widely as one of “The Musers” on Sports radio 1310 The Ticket. “That’s his gimmick. No matter what the desired sound, Monte Montgomery gets it out of his ’89 Alvarez. He’ll play it as an acoustic, then haul off and throw a tube screamer on it and crunch it like a Tele.

“Keeping the beat, Montgomery’s slapped at that dreadnought body so often during the past decade, the guitar’s getting painfully close to sporting a Willie hole.”

But you’ll see and hear that Montgomery is more than guitar wizard.

“I’ve resisted the temptation to be just that guitar gunslinger from Austin, Texas,” says Montgomery. “I strive to have more depth, to be more layered as an artist, songwriter and singer.” He succeeds.

Listen to his rendition of the Hall & Oates hit, “Sara Smile.”

Do yourself a favor, show up early and grab a good spot.

And don’t forget to support the Texas Music Project. Over the past two decades, TMP has raised funds, donated instruments, offered instruction, mentorship, interactive seminars, and live performances to disadvantaged and at-risk school-age youth.