Young ambassadors and artists have the opportunity to partner with Texas Music Project on a variety of levels. Texas Music Project is active in the community bringing hope to children through music. As a result, Texas Music Project is able to collaborate with local and national artists and personalities and help bridge the industry gap for young artists through education and connections. Specifically, Texas Music Project supports and helps promote young artists and “up and coming” Texas artists at local events and recording opportunities.

Currently, the main opportunity is surrounding the development of a Music Library that will be used at Texas Children’s Hospital as well as various Texas hospitals for the Music Heals Therapy Program. There are also occasional opportunities to perform in hospitals and for local causes that benefit the mission of hope to children through music.

Featured Ambassadors

Learn more about a few of our featured ambassador’s below.

Meet Ambassadors, The Peterson Brothers

The Peterson Brothers combine infectious energy and modern grooves with jazz, funk, blues & soul […]

Meet Ambassador, Remy Reilly

Remy is a Indie Pop singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX. 16-year-old Remy Reilly is not only […]

Star Ambassador Hayley Orrantia

Hayley Orrantia’s star began to rise when she started her career by performing at small local festivals in Highland Village, Texas.