Here are some ways you can make a meaningful contribution to the Texas Music Project and help children benefit from music education and the healing power of music:

Donate: Consider making a donation to support TMP’s programs, including our efforts to fund a music library for children’s hospitals across Texas. Your donation can provide access to music education and performances for children who may not have access otherwise.

Support the Cause: TMP welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, whether you’re a musician, artist, or simply someone who loves kids and believes in the importance of music education. You can support the cause by advocating for music education, volunteering to help children in their programs, using your artistic talents to promote music education, or participating in volunteer opportunities for specific events. If you represent a business, you can explore partnership opportunities with TMP to support their work in Texas or sponsor/host specific events. To get involved, please contact TMP and let them know how you can contribute to helping kids.

Stay Connected: Stay informed about Texas Music Project’s work in the community and stay updated on their needs and initiatives by signing up for their monthly email newsletter. It’s a great way to stay connected and be aware of how you can support their mission.

If you have any questions or would like more information about these opportunities, you can reach out to TMP by submitting a contact form. Your involvement can make a significant difference in bringing music education and healing through music to children in Texas.