home_legendsThere is a lifetime of achievements that are documented about Mr. Willie Nelson and his career in music and the many causes he supports. We would like to talk about his impact on Texas Music Project.

Texas Music Project (TMP) reached out to Mr. Nelson in 2002 to be the Honorary Chairman of our organization and our initiative to support music education in Texas schools.

Mr. Nelson accepted and we began to build our organization and artist support for a series of four CD’s. The list included over 80 artists of all genre of music. Most of the artist were Texan with the exception of a few guest artist such Bonnie Raitt and Eric Clapton who contributed a songs to our CD fundraiser.

Moving forward ten years at the Texas Music Magazine Appreciation party in 2013, Michael Clay publicly thanked all Texas artists for supporting TMP. A special shout out was given to Willie for his 80 Birthday.

As students mature and study Texas music, they will discover the vast musical contribution Mr. Nelson gave to the world through music. They will also discover all the time, money and love he generosity gave to life changing organizations such as ours.

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