The $46 Million Digital Session Royalty Settlement

If you follow music industry news and events, you’ve seen the coverage in Yahoo! News, Digital Music News and other such publications about a nearly $50 million dollar settlement benefitting session musicians and background vocalists.

What you might not have realized when you read these is that the case was the result of years of hard work by Texas Music Project’s entertainment counsel and former board member—and former live and session musician—Eric Zukoski @ericzukoski.  The settlement is the single biggest ever on behalf of “non-featured performers” (legalese for session musicians and background vocalists).  As a result of the settlement over 60,000 session musicians and background vocalists will be compensated for their work on nearly every popular record released since 1972, the year in which U.S. law first recognized a copyright in sound recordings, with many times that number benefitting in the decades to come.  You can get more information, as well as the forms necessary to make a claim, at Session Artist Royalty Settlement

For more information: @ericzukoski

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AFM & SAG-AFTRA Owes Session Musicians and Background Vocalists $46 Million — Here’s How Eligible Performers Can Get Paid