A Texas sized Partnership

When people think of Music development and education they don’t usually think of Science, Technology and Engineering ( STEAM). But dismissing the great opportunities that music education can bring beyond the awesome artistic outlet that it is, is only seeing half the picture. It’s also the reason why the arts are being cut from schools who fail to see the crucial educational and social benefits it can have on a students future. This is why Texas Music project is proud to announce a vital partnership with San Antonio Sound Garden: To help build an educational pipeline for music, from Dallas to San Antonio for a Texas-sized purpose.


Music is more than just a pipe dream for the artistically minded, and San Antonio Sound Garden has done a an amazing job bridging these mindsets and implementing music in middle schools and high schools. They provide several program options involving a full STEAM curriculum that highlights the science and mathematics involved in music through sound engineering, the recording and production process and even music business skills. They share the passion and vision that Texas Music Project has for music education and creating a love for music in young people while planting seeds that will flourish to give them a future in the many opportunities in the music industry.

The long term benefits of Music Education

By creating these opportunities for students you do more than create an artist. You create a set of skills, a work ethic, and a passion for success that in turn ensures that an essential music culture for these great Texas cities will live on. Music brings people together and crosses cultural and social boundaries. We are excited to cross city lines and partner with San Antonio Sound Garden to
further music education. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to be a part of this and donate to Texas music project @ texasmusicproject.org and check out SASoundgarden.org.

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